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Association of Financial Analysts (Lithuania) (FAA), informally acting since 1997, was founded in January 1999 as a non-profit organization, most of members are engaged in the decision making processes in the field of finance, investment management and research. The membership list varies from financial analysts to CFO's and middle and senior managers in financial institutions and private companies. 

FAA mission is to contribute to the development of finance and investment market in Lithuania and to advocate professional excellence, ethical and high quality professional service, continuous professional and personal development of finance and investment specialists in Lithuania. 

FAA also aims to become an active participant of Lithuanian economic and financial life expressing its point of view on the important matters of economy, arranging open and in-depth discussions on the actual topics as well as presenting proposals to State institutions regarding draft legal acts and other projects. 

Part of FAA members have been awarded or are seeking for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. 

There are several regular programs run by FAA:

  • Membership merits program;
  • Discussions program; 
  • Professional qualification program;
  • Institutional relations program (Lithuania / Abroad);
  • Investments program;
  • Corporate Finance program;
  • Program of Ethics. 


Association of Financial Analysts
Gostauto 40a,
LT-03601 Vilnius, Lietuva
Ph.: +370 5 2393567, +370 687 13319
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